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August 5, 2010
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Silent Fire Moonstone by Nambroth Silent Fire Moonstone by Nambroth
This is a moonstone carefully hand wrapped in Argentium sterling silver.

Moonstone is an amazing stone that can appear milky or white at first, until you move it and the stone comes alive with colors flashing within. The effect is similar in appearance to opal fire. It is a natural stone, and the effect is caused by refractive layers within the stone. It cannot be simulated or dyed to look that way.

FAQ stuff, please read before asking:

- Yes! I do sell these! They are for sale on my personal site: [link]

-I hand wrap these pieces with nothing more than my fingers and some bitty pliers.
-I purchase the stones already cut and polished from rock and gem shows.
-My silver is purchased directly from a precious metals silver refinery.
-I use several different gauge and shaped wires in each piece.
-My methods are unplanned and haphazard and I do not plan on creating tutorials on how to make these. If you want to learn wire-wrapping there are already some good tutorials out there if you search on Google.

Thanks for looking. :)
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Moonstone... one of my favorite kinds :)
Piezelle Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist
I like moonstones now. I like emeralds, too (my birthstone :P)
Love this, so much! ^_^ The title is true, you can see the fire inside. Do anything with mother of pearl?
Chimera-Fox Sep 23, 2011  Student Filmographer
wow now that is gorgeous!
I saw a photo of oneof them and then started to look into your gallery for the other ones. I ope the prices for your needed suplies go down so you can make more. I'll keep an eye out at your store and hopefully when i's christmas I'll ask my mom to get one for me. They're really pretty. People should just give you more money because 1. There handmade, and 2. There so beautiful.
is there any more of 'THESIS' in stock if so, how much?
Nambroth Jul 27, 2011  Professional General Artist
I'm not sure I understand? What is THESIS in this context?
sorry, my English is bad but I'm American so it's real bad hey the new generation ha, go figure (i think i did it again)
anyway i was asking about THAT specific 'silent fire moonstone' in the picture was up for grabs because i love the shape, color, and design of it and what the price was if there are any more left, that was all.
Nambroth Jul 27, 2011  Professional General Artist
Oh I see! Each pendant I make is one of a kind-- there is only one just like this! Sadly it is already sold but I sometimes make more that are sort of like this.
that cool send me though pic's and i'll get back to ya.

thanks a lot.
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